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Discovery Island is a touristic animation, a young and dynamic company that provides all kinds of services in the tourism and leisure sector located in Madeira Island.

Strive for two major areas: Daily Activities (Canyoning, Climbing, Bike Tours, Jeep Safari, Levada Walks, Tours Segways) and organizing Incentive Groups.


The canyoning is a mountain activity that has developed from the need to overcome obstacles in natural canyons, rivers and streams. Madeira Island is considered the second world wonder for this sport- the Canyoning.

The followers of this activity are mostly people that are used to practice several sports such as mountain climbing, trekking and the Guidance.

Madeira Island has several courses of water provided for the exercise of the sport such as the Ribeira de Passo (São Vicente) and Ribeira do Hortelã (Seixal – Porto Moniz).

Ribeira do Alecrim (Paul da Serra)

Situated in the mountain area of Paul, more precisely in the line of water that is on the left of those who descend to the house of Rabaçal. This canyoning is a gap of 495 meters and a road to be completed in 5 hours.

This Canyoning has 2 routes:

a) Includes 24 rappel exercises, the largest with about 85 meters, and the end of the stream window.

b) Alternative pathway, has 17 rappel exercises, being the largest with about 25 meters and ends brought in from 25 sources.

Ribeira da Lapa (Campanário)

The adventure begins in Campanário, near the school and it ends by the sea. With only two "cascades" by the way, the rush in Canyon, as it has a height of 96 meters.

Ribeira do Passo (São Vicente)

Canyon that has a length of 1500 meters with a gap of 610 meters. Can be done, starting in Levada do Norte, top and bottom, with the entry taken from Levada Fajã do Rodrigues.

Route 1: Accessible by Levada do Norte, has a duration of 4 to 5 hours through a length of 900 meters, with a gap of 405 meters to cross about 25 rappel exercises, with the largest being 65 meters. But this is divided by the output of Fajã carried Rodrigues.

Route 2: Accessible by Levada da Fajã, it takes about 2 to 3 hours with a length of 600 meters and with a gap of 205 meters. It has a total of 16 rappel exercises, being the largest with about 60 meters (this is equipped to mount a guided rappel).

Ribeira das “Cales IV” (Babosas)

This is located between the canyoning Babosas and Bom Sucesso. It is a winter canyoning due to the abundance of water, bearing points of mooring natural (trees) is possible with the two largest declines around 35/40 meters. It also has two toboggans. It is an adventure that can be done in 4 to 5 hours.

Ribeira da Hortelã (Seixal)

This canyoning begins in Levada do Seixal and it ends in Chão da Ribeira. This course presents an extension of 900 meters and a gap of 300 meters and can be done in 4 hours 4 hours and 30 minutes. It has about 14 rappel exercises, being the largest with about 60 meters.

This canyoning can be accessed either by the area of Garagem / Rocha Vermelha or by the path of Lombo Barbinhas and it is more "physical". However they take more or less 1 hour.

Ribeira do Poço Bezerro (Ribeiro Frio)

Located in Ribeiro Frio area, in Chão da Feiteira (beside the "Ovil") and exits in Levada do Furado. It has a gap of 320 meters and a route that can be completed in just over 4 hours. This canyoning is composed of several bumps, the largest has about 15m.


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